Buddha Meets Buddha: the Crossroads of Love & Justice

photographs by Angel Kyodo Williams

teacher-student. black-white. privileged-poor. limited-boundless. the myth of separation splits love & justice into two when really, they are One. when we retrain our eye, heart & mind to see the wakefulness in everyone, we are Awakened. join us in the beloved community where Buddha, King, Ambedkar, Malcolm & Ghandi meet. you are welcome here.

On February 14th will be a benefit photo exhibit and a meet and greet with angel Kyodo williams. 50% of the proceeds will benefit Brooklyn Zen Center’s inclusivity and outreach programming, including Awake Youth Project, a Day of Silent Recognition organization and panel discussions, POC group and other programming.

angel’s photos will also be showing at New York Insight on February 18th.

Rev. angel Kyodo williams Sensei teaches in & out of the Zen tradition, defies the rules, and lives for love & justice.