Tenshin Reb Anderson’s Retreat

March 31, 2016

Here is a message from our teacher Greg Snyder:

Join us in welcoming Senior Dharma Teacher, Tenshin Reb Anderson.

As he is getting older, Tenshin Reb Anderson is reducing the number of places he’s offering retreat outside of his home at Green Gulch Farm Zen Center in California. He is only considering travel to three places this year and Brooklyn Zen Center is one of them. As he wants to serve the most people possible, he is choosing to travel to those places where the most people want to attend sesshin.

It is very possible this will be the last time Tenshin Reb Anderson will be able to come and teach in our community. I would strongly encourage you not to miss an opportunity to be in a retreat with him if it is at all possible for you. Tenshin Reb Anderson was a student of Suzuki Roshi and has been living and practicing in monastic community for fifty years. He is a wonderful teacher and presence, bringing something to our practice at Brooklyn Zen Center that few can.

As it becomes more rare that we are able to welcome Tenshin Reb Anderson at the Brooklyn Zen Center, we invite you to join us in sharing this opportunity, by registering TODAY and securing sufficient attendance before April 10th.