BZC Sit-a-Thon: keep ’em coming!

We had a beautiful BZC 2019 Sit-a-Thon community sit and after party yesterday! Throughout the day, we sat in silence and community, bringing to the cushion our intention to keep stillness in mind and body as a form of generosity towards our sangha. At the same time, we shared the joy of having not only reached our BZC 2019 Sit-a-Thon fundraising goal, but of surpassing it by a large margin!

Today, a day after the actual Sit-a-Thon, the total amount has reached $45,000, as contributions large and small continue to percolate. Thank you for you generosity!

Contributions for the BZC 2019 Sit-a-Thon will continue to be accepted through June 15. You can donate to one of the 70 (!!!) individual fundraisers or directly to Brooklyn Zen Center. 

All contributions will be directed towards our scholarship fund and programs, including the Awake Youth Project, People of Color group, Undoing Whiteness and Oppression, Undoing Patriarchy and Unveiling the Sacred Masculine, and the Sacred Feminine group.

Deep bows!