Ango Week 1: Making Space for the Nourishment of Practice

September 19, 2022

A weekly message from teachers Sarah Dōjin Emerson and Charlie Korin Pokorny in support of the 2022 Fall Practice Period.

Going forward in practice is a matter of everydayness.
– from Fukanzazengi, by Dogen-zenji

Dear Fall Ango Bodhisattvas,

Thank you for all of your clear and vibrant intentions expressed in your commitment forms for this three month practice period.

Our hope is to share an email each week with some encouragement, resources and practices for you to try on as we work together with the theme of Repose & Bliss, Engagement & Liberation.

This week’s practice:
We encourage you to look for the places where you can make space in your life for the nourishment of practice, in all the ways you can interpret this.

The practice offering this week is to either create a home altar, if you don’t already have one; or refresh it if you do (maybe even take everything off, clean and dust, and recreate; or add something that represents your intention for this fall).  For inspiration around this, you can visit this page at BZC with images of altars members made during the pandemic.

See if you can allow your altar to become a teaching for how to integrate your practice into your daily life and routines.  See if the space you make for the physical altar can translate into space you make while moving down the street, interacting with others, cooking food, taking a breath in the midst of a busy moment, etc.

Dharma buddies: If you don’t yet have a Dharma buddy, but would like to be paired with someone to connect one-on-one with throughout the practice period, please email and let us know.

Please take very good care of yourselves and one another and the Dharma.

With gratitude for our coming together,
Sarah and Charlie