Stewarding a Tradition: Follow-up and Resources

March 24, 2023

A message from BZC’s Administrative Director Ryan Lee Wong, following the March 11 Sangha Meeting on Membership, Engagement, and Stewarding a Tradition.

Dear Sangha,

Thank you for offering your attention and wholehearted engagement at last Saturday’s Sangha Meeting on Membership, Engagement, and Stewarding a Tradition. It was a joy to share this research, history, and embodied practice with you all.

For those who weren’t able to attend, a video is now available here.

In the meantime, here are some ways to deepen engagement with this practice of dana and stewardship.

  • Existing members can check and change their membership level by emailing our Operations Assistant David Chow here.
  • New and existing members can use the Equitable Pricing Model to feel into their appropriate Membership Level (think of the Limited, Base, Sustaining, and Flourishing rates as roughly equivalent to program pricing)

Readings and Resources

  • Soto Zen in Medieval Japan by William Bodiford on the historical and economic development of earl Soto Zen
  • American Sutra by Duncan Ryuken Williams on Japanese American Buddhists during WWII and how sanghas kept their temples and practice alive
  • Zenshuji’s 100th Anniversary Lecture Series on the development of Soto Zen in America
  • Presentation slideshow
  • Dogen Zenji’s Fundraising Letter
With deep gratitude for our collective practice,