May at Ancestral Heart Temple: A Month in Photographs

June 7, 2023

Each month, we’ll be sharing photographs of life at Sōshinji, Ancestral Heart Temple. All Brooklyn Zen Center members are warmly invited to come practice here, and to experience Zen monastic training. Please email for more information.

A preview photo taken by Tanto Ian of the new Millerton Zendo. Work is well underway preparing the space for its opening in July!

Another month, another wesleycake! This time for the baker’s birthday. (Wesley, pictured)

Garden gloves hanging to dry.

Rachel, kitchen gnome, is hard at work baking pita bread for a weekday lunch!

Sunday lunch kitchen crew. (Pictured left to right: Bianca, Don and Erin)

Sunday’s lunch, a beautiful frittata with wild ramps foraged nearby by Wesley and Bianca, served with homemade biscuits and arugula salad!

We enjoyed a visit by the honorary founding teacher of the Brooklyn Zen Center, Soshin Teah Strozer (right) pictured here with Kosen (left).

Erin building a bookshelf!

We spent a couple of weeks this month deep-cleaning the temple, including the shed. Here is Kaishin sweeping away abundant mice poop.

Gerardo building a shelf for the garage…

Gerardo standing in front of his beautiful, finished garage shelf! The Tenzo (Head of Kitchen) and Enju (Head of Garden) each get half for their storage, and they have never been happier.

Rachel (left) and Don (right), dear kitchen friends.

Wesley hard at work planting a new raspberry patch!

Ryan planting tomatoes. Join us in August for the tomato harvest!