New episodes available on the BZC Podcast

January 9, 2024

New episodes are now available on the BZC Podcast:

Rohatsu Day 1: The Fanning and the Wind
Audio dharma talk by Kidō Ian Case, 2023/12/06
Can we fan just for the sake of fanning? Can we notice when our fanning has something extra to it? Can we notice when we want the wind without the fanning?

Rohatsu Day 2: Releasing and Gathering
Audio dharma talk by Yoko Ohashi, 2023/12/07
Rohatsu: this is how we are cultivating the sweetness of Buddha’s fruit.

Rohatsu Day 3:
Fire Seeking Fire: The Nonduality of Practice and Realization
Audio dharma talk by Charlie Korin Pokorny, 2023/12/08
If I am sitting to get something, I am not totally here. And so my love and my giving is not complete.

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