Life at Ancestral Heart Temple

March 25, 2024

Ancestral Heart Temple (AHT), our “mountain temple”, located near the town of Millerton, two hours north of New York City, is the first training temple in Suzuki Roshi’s U.S. lineage in the Northeast Between six and twelve residents live and practice at Ancestral Heart, following a full daily schedule of zazen, work, and study. AHT emphasizes long-term residential Zen practice, and trains priests who make lifelong vows to the sangha. AHT residents cultivate connection with the land, the body, and ancestry.

BZC dharma teacher Shingetsu Laura O’Loughlin (left) and AHT Enju (Head of Garden) Wesley Simmons Antell (right) inoculating shitake mushroom logs:

AHT residents on their first outdoor work day of the season: