Save the date: BZC Sit-a-Thon is Back!

April 26, 2024

The BZC Sit-a-thon, a beloved and important annual tradition that paused during the pandemic, will resume this year on June 22 at both Boundless Mind Temple in Brooklyn and the Millerton Zendo. The sitting will be all day and people are free to come and go as needed. 

Sangha members will request donations from family, friends, and community, leading up to a one-day sitting (like a marathon, but with zazen). It’s an opportunity for us to take up a version of takuhatsu, or alms rounds—a practice that dates back to the first sangha. 

More details coming soon!

Image: The 2019 Sit-a-Thon Committee: Emily, Thomas, Alexandra, and Flo (minus Camille, not pictured).