A Word of Gratitude from Jozen


As you may know, I have recently stepped down as Director of Community and Youth Engagement at Brooklyn Zen Center — a position I occupied for the last two years — to take on the role of Board Chair. I will be sharing the responsibilities of this new position with the BZC Board of Directors, particularly with the new Board Vice Chair, Liz Roberts.

At this time, I reflect with deep gratitude for your involvement and encouragement during the time I served in my previous capacity at BZC. It was an honor to be in thought partnership with our Executive Director, Danielle Saint Louis, and in the work with you as the position evolved and settled into our BZC way. We are in the process of identifying appropriate means to continue the various responsibilities and offerings of the role – especially for the Awake Youth Project (AYP) and to more deeply serve our membership base. Thank you, Danielle!

All gratitude to the administrative team over the years: David Chow, Leah Newcomb, Sabine Bernards, Dulce Fernandes and Molicia Crichton. Our work and time together was priceless and will deeply inform our Board’s understanding and connection to the daily tasks, community cultivation and support that keeps BZC open as a place of refuge. Thank you for what you have provided and continue to hold, especially our current admin team Dulce and Molicia!

Thank you to all our AYP students, and mentors such as Sara Shapouri, Tanzanite Msola, David Hart and Lissa Edmonds (to name a small few) for your continued support of AYP and your lifelong work on behalf of our youth, families, parents, guardians, schools and communities!

This is where I remind us that this is not a “goodbye” or “farewell” message. I look forward to our informed and inspired work to cultivate true liberation.

One love,