Actualizing the Mandala of Support

Dear Sangha,

We are writing to ask you to contribute to Brooklyn Zen Center‘s end-of-year campaign. We have long valued the efforts in dharma and justice unfolding at BZC, and it has been a great joy for us to dive headlong into the Sangha since moving to Brooklyn in June. We have been thoroughly welcomed and deeply supported to offer ourselves as teachers, and we look forward to continuing to meet all of you, deepen our connections, and walk together in Dharma friendship.

We have just finished a wonderful Rohatsu sesshin held at Boundless Mind Temple as the culmination of our fall practice period, an intensive 5-day ritual of repose and bliss, engagement and liberation. In our collective teaching offerings, we have particularly focused on rest as integral to a more humane, compassionate, and sustainable life of engagement and liberative function. Instead of being a stepping out of engagement, we join in the collective reimagining of rest as a pause in the midst of whatever is happening—to make deeper contact and connection with self and others; rest as a reclaiming of humanity in the face of enculturated systems of dehumanization.

We deeply appreciate the mandala of support which keeps our doors open, bells ringing, lights on and hearts warm through your myriad contributions. Financial support is one vital piece of caring for the life of practice at BZC, fostering its liberative potentials, and maintaining our places of practice in Brooklyn, Millerton and online. We are asking for you to offer whatever amount you can. We are also striving to reach the goal of 100% participation from our membership. And for those who are not members and value the practice, your gifts are essential as well.

All true liberative practice is collective and communal. Supporting BZC in this campaign is a way to nurture a place in the world where people gather to work towards actualizing and embodying this reality.  May we all ensure the great work and great rest of our Sangha activity continues, deepens, thrives and revolutionizes!

With love and profound gratitude,

Sarah and Charlie
Dharma Teachers