Announcing Brooklyn Zen Center’s First End-Of-Year Campaign!

Thank you very much for your ongoing support of Brooklyn Zen Center. Your contributions in the form of practice and membership are an essential and abundant expression of the power of sangha and interbeing. We simply could not do what we do without you.

BZC is now starting its 12th year in Brooklyn. This year BZC co-founder Greg Snyder received dharma transmission from Teah Strozer and became a lineage holder in the Suzuki Roshi lineage of Soto Zen, further rooting this lineage in New York. Our Awake Youth Project, now in its 7th year, has continued its work of introducing teens to the transformative practices of mindfulness and meditation. Our POC and Undoing Whiteness and Oppression groups are thriving, bringing awareness and resilience to the structures of oppression. Over the last few years, BZC has gained increasing recognition for lifting up socially engaged dharma and contributing to the growing nation-wide efforts to build inclusive practice spaces. All the while, people continue to come to the center to sit and reconnect with stillness in the midst of a busy world.

So Brooklyn Zen Center’s mission—to cultivate an open community based on the Buddha’s teachings of love and interconnectedness—is very much alive.

But we very much need your help to keep it going. Which is why this year, we have launched BZC’s first ever end of year campaign. Our goal for this campaign is to raise $100,000 by December 31st. With your help, we can ensure that the doors of BZC remain open for the year to come: we will be able to support our directorship, our small part-time staff, and help cover our operational expenses. All of this will allow us to sustain all of the programs that embody our mission.

With December 31st less than 3 weeks away, would you consider a gift of $5, $25, $108, $1000 and upwards at this time?

Know that each and every gift lifts up our collective intention to sustain our center, our programs, and our practice for the coming year. Because your gift matters. As we bring our practice into our families, our communities, into the city and beyond, there is no way of telling how many people are touched or how far the ripples may extend.

Thank you always for your practice.

In gratitude,

Danielle Saint Louis

Executive Director, Brooklyn Zen Center, Co-Founder of Love Circle Sangha

P.S. To date, we have raised $7,481 towards a matching grant of $20,000. Please help us make our goal of $100,000 by December 31st and to secure the $20,000 match donation, with a tax-deductible gift today.