April at AHZT: A Month in Photographs

Each month, we’ll be sharing photographs of life at Sōshinji, Ancestral Heart Zen Temple. All Brooklyn Zen Center members are warmly invited to come practice here, and to experience Zen monastic training. Please email ahdirector@brooklynzen.org for more information.

Garden Planting Month has officially begun! On April 5, we held a garden opening ceremony, chanting Dogen’s fascicle Dharma Blossoms turn Dharma Blossoms. (From left to right: Wesley, Don, Ian, Kaishin, Erin, and Bianca)

Erin planting potatoes! This is the first time we’ve tried planting potatoes. We’ll see how they grow…

Gerardo planting vegetables seeds.

Flo and Tuna catching some rays.

We celebrated two birthdays this month, catered by wesleycakes™. (Ryan with his apple cake, and Kristin with her birthday cake).

The day’s kitchen crew taking a break in the sun (Bianca, Rachel, and Gerardo).