BZC Needs a New Oven!

Our old oven, which was given to us as a donation years ago, is no longer operational and we are fundraising to buy a new oven that will serve our kitchen for years to come.

The new oven will allow us to continue to provide meals during meditation retreats, Saturday community lunches (when available) and to support kitchen practice.

In Zen tradition, our practice is to deeply connect with our activity and life. Our relationship to the preparation of food reveals our relationship to all beings. The many hindrances to a present mind and loving heart become evident as we mindfully chop carrots or peel ginger. Because our cooking practice is a profound mirror revealing the habits of mind in each moment, we consider the kitchen to be a second meditation hall.

In the kitchen, we come and work together to support ourselves and one another with our presence. Our way is rooted in thousands of years of monastic practice where all work is done in silence and functional speech so that we can be with our activity completely.

A new oven is an essential piece of equipment for our kitchen, as many of our entirely vegetarian meals involve baking and roasting. The oven we are aiming to buy is a large capacity convection oven that will allow us to bake multiple trays of food at once, making meal preparation for large numbers of guests more manageable.

Will you help us get a new oven for Brooklyn Zen Center? You can make a donation here. All contributions are deeply appreciated. Thank you for your donation and support!