BZC’s Audio Dharma Updated

BZC’s Audio Dharma talks are back!

You can now listen to a talk by BZC guiding teacher Teah Strozer: The Meaning of Precepts (10/21/2016).



Here’s a brief excerpt of the talk:

“The foundation or true meaning of precepts is based on the various ways of understanding the one reality, which is always with you. The reality which is not divisible into three or 16 or 10 precepts. Tentatively, we divide and explain from various angles, but these are just words. Real precepts are beyond words. We can not talk about it. If we talk about it, it is already no longer precepts.”

For more dharma talks, from Teah Stozer and other BZC and visiting teachers, please visit our Audio Dharma page.

Stay tuned as more previously recorded talks will become available in the next few weeks.

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