Ceremonies at BZC this Fall

The 2017 Fall Practice Period is a special one at BZC, as one of our teachers and co-founder, Laura O’Loughlin, as well as several of our friends will be formalizing their deeper commitments and receiving recognition of their practice and roles within our sangha. This is a joyous time for your community, celebrated in two different ceremonies this fall.

At the end of the October 3-day Retreat Laura O’Loughlin will be receiving lay dharma entrustment from Teah Strozer. Additionally, at the end of the December 7-day Retreat we will hold a precept ceremony where 12 zen students will take the Bodhisattva vows and make a formal commitment to live a life devoted to supporting the end of suffering for all beings.

Please join us in supporting the sincere commitment of these practitioners by witnessing their formal vows. Everyone is welcome to these ceremonies, including those unable to participate in the retreats. The exact time of the ceremonies will be announced closer to the dates; stay tuned for more information.