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Contact & FAQs

(646) 294 6046
Boundless Mind Temple

326 Clinton Street
Brooklyn, New York 11231

Ancestral Heart Temple

87 Kaye Road
Millerton, New York 12546

Millerton Zendo

1 John Street
Millerton, New York 12546

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    Yes, come as you are. Your presence and practice at Brooklyn Zen Center (BZC) is a deeply appreciated form of dana practice (generosity). To start, we recommend attending meditation instruction that takes place on the second Saturday of each month at Boundless Mind Temple in Brooklyn (please check the Events page for exceptions). Meditation instruction is offered every Saturday morning at the Millerton Zendo.

    Most of our offerings, including our weekly meditation schedule and engaged practice groups are open to the public, regardless of experience with meditation. You may also want to explore the information and resources in our Zen Practice page.

    Feel free to ask any questions you may have to the greeter, who is usually sitting in the entryway. Take off your shoes and place them on the entryway shoe rack. During zazen (seated meditation) you are invited to sit facing the wall and maintain silence, as practiced in the Soto Zen tradition. Much of practice is learned by watching and following, and it’s natural not to know everything that goes on.

    If you are able and feel compelled to do so, please make a donation to BZC by placing your contribution in the entryway basket, in an envelope in either or both of the donation boxes or online.

    We suggest wearing loose, comfortable clothes in dark or muted colors. We provide mats (zabutons), cushions (zafus), and chairs for seated meditation. We recommend leaving valuables at home, and ask you not to bring phones or electronics into the zendo. We also ask you not to wear scents to support those with allergies. 

    BZC strives to ensure that our offerings are accessible to all. If you have any questions or requests about accessibility, please contact us at info@brooklynzen.org.

    Boundless Mind Temple is located in an historic building which is not wheelchair accessible. There are two flights of stairs leading to the center, located on the second floor. Chairs, benches, and extra support cushions are available. For questions about access at Boundless Mind Temple, contact cityshika@brooklynzen.org

    The Millerton Zendo is on the ground floor of a building and is accessed by one small step down. Parking is available behind the building. 

    Yes, come as you are. Sharing space and practice at BZC nourishes the continuity in our community and dharma offerings. 

    The visual inspiration for our logo is the Kechimyaku, the bloodline chart given at precept ceremonies that traces a direct connection through the ancestors to Shakyamuni Buddha.

    On the Kechimyaku, there’s a seal stylizing the three characters of the triple treasure, “Buddha, Dharma, Sangha.” We needed to simplify that complex design and chose to emphasize Sangha, the treasure that BZC offers in a unique and profound way.

    The logo and website were designed by Cathleen Tseng at Sunny Kilogram.

    We offer zazen (meditation) online most days, and at our two temples weekly. Please check the Events page for details and exceptions.

    Boundless Mind Temple is not a residential center. For residential practice at Ancestral Heart Temple please refer to the Locations page.

    Our mostly-volunteer staff is unable to provide open access to BZC locations outside of our program offerings. Therefore, BZC is not an open-door center.

    Groups are welcome at any of our programs. For special inquiries, please email us here.

    BZC welcomes everyone, regardless of their practice commitment or involvement in our community, to join the circle of supporters who ensure the continuity of our offerings, through BZC Membership. Membership is an essential support for BZC’s health, as it allows us to count on a regular flow of resources. Members receive discounts on programming, and are included in regular updates on the institutional workings of BZC. 

    We invite you to explore the different offerings available at BZC and to learn about the practice of dana.

    You may register for events/retreats via our website. The easiest way to do so is to browse our Events page and then select the event you are interested in attending. From there, you can select the program of interest and you will be directed to an event page which contains a registration form. 

    BZC is committed to offering classes, workshops, and retreats on a sliding scale in an aspiration to move towards equity within our sangha (community). Please see our Equitable Pricing Model to guide you in determining your appropriate registration rate.