Dharma Offerings

In addition to multi-day retreats and sesshins, we offer many opportunities each week to come in contact with dharma teachings, as well as regular half-day and daylong retreats.


Dharma talks, beginners’ second Saturdays and Wednesday evening offerings

You don’t need to register for these events, which occur as part of our weekly meditation schedule. Also see our weekly meditation schedule.

Upcoming offerings:

Way-Seeking Mind talk, September 4

Way-Seeking Mind talk, September 11

Full Moon Ceremony, September 13

Way-Seeking Mind talk, September 18

Dharma talk with Shuso (head student), September 28

Way-Seeking Mind talk, October 2

Special Friday Evening with Ben Connelly, October 4

Dharma talk with Yoko Ohashi, October 5

Way-Seeking Mind talk, October 9

Special Wednesday Evening with Norman Fischer, October 16

Dharma talk with Shokuchi Deirdre Carrigan, October 19

Dharma talk with Shuso (head student), October 26

Dharma talk by Laura O’Loughlin, November 2

Full Moon Ceremony, November 13

Dharma talk with Shuso (head student), Nov 23

Past offerings have included:

Reclaiming the Feminine in Our Practice: dharma talk with Laura O’Loughlin and Sebene Selassie, Feb 2

What Get’s Left Out: Issues of Cultural Spiritual Bypassing in Western Convert Buddhism, Feb 8

Liberation through Anger, dharma talk with Lama Rod, June 30

Ordination, Love, and Monastic Zen in Japan: a special Friday Night Zen program with Gesshin Claire Greenwood, June 22

The Bodhisattva Path: the Activist Path, dharma talk with Marisela Gomez, April 28

Revolutionary Love, Radical Love: dharma talk with Rev. angel Kyodo williams, April 7

Wednesday Evening with Spring Washam, March 28

Body Wisdom for Healing Separation: Moving with Metta and Ubuntu, Wednesday evening with Kaira Jewel Lingo, Jan 17

Chan Practice and the Bodhisattva Path: Dharma talk with Rebecca Li, Sept 23

Death and Dharma: 2017 Summer Series

Dharma talk with Revs. Paco Lugoviña and Daiken Nelson, May 6

Sewing Buddha’s Robe: Dharma talk by visiting teacher Catherine GammonApril 12


One-day and half-day meditation retreats

Click on the links for more details and to register. Note that registration for one-day sits closes 8 days before the retreat, and scholarships are available, whose application is due 13 days before the retreat. See the event pages for more information.

BZC offers retreats at several price levels to allow participants to pay according to individual means. If you have been a member of BZC for more than three months, you can apply for the member rate. Please consider giving at our sustaining rate which directly supports inclusive community attendance on our retreats.

Upcoming offerings:

Undoing Patriarchy and Unveiling the Sacred Masculine Half-Day Sit, September 15

Undoing Whiteness and Oppression Half-Day Sit, September 29

B-12 Half-day Sit, November 17

Past offerings have included:

BZC Sit-a-Thon, June 1

Awake Youth Project Half-Day Mindfulness Retreat, May 19

Finding Ease and Joy in the Practice of Liberation: one-day sit with Laura O’Loughlin, April 6

BZC POC sangha half-day sit, Feb 24

MLK one-day retreat with Greg Snyder, Jan 19

Karmic Realms of Suffering as the Path to Liberation: 1-day zazenkai with Laura O’Loughlin, November 17