Double Trace



The No-Eyes Viewing Wall at Brooklyn Zen Center presents a new

project by New York-based Brazilian artist Claudia Vieira.  Double

Trace will open on Saturday June 11, 2011 and stay up through

October 26, 2011.

Since 2001, Claudia Vieira has worked with a single drawn line,

which may fill paper, wall, or a large space. The line inscribes time;

it measures her commitment to drawing; it follows the meta-line

of her life.  She marks every environment that she encounters by

means of a sustained concentrated effort, and these marks become

records of her physical endurance that ultimately hum with optical

intensity.  As she says, “It paradoxically blurs assumed boundaries

between origin and destination, inside and outside and ultimately, self

and other.” Claudia has exhibited this work in many venues, including

“Waterline,” a drawing environment at the Queens Museum of Art in


For this exhibition, Claudia has been requested to make a drawing

in two stages, filling one large paper sheet stretched over the entire

No-Eyes Viewing Wall.  The first stage begins in early June, when

Claudia will draw on one side of the paper.  Working within the

context of the Zen Center, her drawing practice will merge with

contemplative routine, as she lets go of preconceived expectations

for the overall drawing.  After this stage, Claudia will embark upon

her annual journey to Brazil, retracing the path of her life in two

hemispheres.  When she returns, Claudia will complete the second

stage of the work, filling the remaining half of the wall with a single

line, thus confronting and completing a previous mind-document.

The scope of this project is not limited to the inner life of Claudia

Vieira, but also includes the Brooklyn Zen Center sangha, a

community whose first meditation space was founded in the artist’s

home in Brooklyn.  Following this karmic intertwining, the challenge

of the vast white paper, approached without preconceptions, will

be shared by all who return to the space for their weekly meditation