Emboldening our Community in Demanding Times

Dear Community,

Wishing everyone an easeful transition into the New Year!

Speaking from a hopeful and grounded place today, I lay trust in the simplicity of few words and a humble intention to share a snapshot of where we are organizationally and what is being done.

We are thrilled to share with you that we raised a total of $95,000 in our first ever end-of-year fundraising campaign! This includes over $25K from the wide community, about $50K in large gifts, and a $20K award from the Lenz Foundation. Collectively, our gifts breathe fresh energy into BZC’s mission and vision entering into 2017 and beyond. Special thanks to Weishin Huang, Ian Case, Dulce Fernandes, Ericka Phillips, David Chow, Leah Newcomb, Jozen Tamori Gibson, Teah Strozer and Greg Snyder for their collaboration and courage in leading this community-wide effort.

After a three-year trend of increasing our annual budget by 12-19 percent each year, in 2016 we slowed this momentum to an increase of less than 8 percent. Our 2017 annual budget will similarly reflect a honed focus on the scope of our programs, coupled with a “behind the scenes” emphasis on building up the systems that will enable us to serve an expanding membership base. The newly created role of Manager of Operations, which once filled, will be the second full time position at BZC, and will drive this important work forward, both energetically and functionally. Likewise, the Lenz grant is supporting our organizational capacity building and board building efforts this year. We – the BZC board and Admin Team – also look forward to sharing a 2016 annual report with members before the end of this year’s first quarter.

In other news, this month we reignite the Awake Youth Project, with afternoon drop-in hours and the announcement of this year’s AYP Internship program. Also, sign-ups are open for the next iterations of our Beginner’s Mind Experience program, starting in early February and early May. Finally, we are thrilled to welcome Ericka Phillips to the BZC board – generously providing leadership in the areas of fundraising, development and organizational management.

All of this will allow us to continue to embody our mission in the midst of these demanding times. We simply could not do this without you and your practice – together we interare. Thank you for supporting the BZC sangha and for being a part of our precious community.

In deep gratitude,

BZC Executive Director, Co-founder Love Circle Sangha