End of Year Appeal: Meeting This Moment as Sangha

Dogen Zenji wrote, “The power of the causal relations of giving reaches to devas, human beings, and even enlightened sages. When giving becomes actual, such causal relations are immediately formed.”

For Brooklyn Zen Center (BZC) to meet the potential of this moment, we need your financial support today. After a year of limited fundraising capacity, we are renewing our end-of-year campaign. Our goal for this year is $75,000. These funds will enable BZC to re-establish a temple in Brooklyn, sustain and expand Ancestral Heart Zen Monastery in Millerton, and stabilize our sangha for the next, exciting chapter in our 15-year history.

Please consider making a gift today.

Your giving will be felt throughout the sangha and beyond and is not separate from the very practice we are cultivating. Your gift connects you to the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, to the ancestors who have passed down our practice, and to numberless beings we vow to free.

Thank you for your generous support!