2017 Summer Meditation Series Death and Dharma with Rebecca Li, Sep 19

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Co-hosted by Green-Wood Cemetery & Brooklyn Zen Center

Please note that the Death and Dharma 2017 Summer Meditation Series is an off-site event, which will take place at the Green-Wood Cemetery at 500 25th Street, Brooklyn. The program will begin in the Modern Chapel, just to the right after passing through the Gothic Arches at the main entrance.

If you are unable to sit on the ground, you are strongly encouraged to bring a folding chair or cushion. Every effort will be made to choose a meditation site that is accessible for those with mobility issues.

Tickets: Radiant $20 / Seed $12 / Circle $5

Tickets to the Death and Dharma 2017 Summer Meditation Series are offered on a sliding scale basis to allow participants to pay according to their individual means, in a spirit of gratitude and generosity. In addition to the offering of your presence, we invite you to purchase a ticket at whatever level you are able, which directly supports the teacher and inclusive community attendance to this event. Please note that there are a limited number of tickets at each level.

To register, please click here.

Preparing for a Good Death: Cultivating Clarity and Generating Great Bodhi Mind
With Rebecca Li
Buddha taught that death is usually experienced as suffering. The prospect of death is frightening to most people and the process can be the most physically and emotionally challenging experience of our life. What can we do to prepare for death to minimize the suffering we cause ourselves and others? The practice of cultivating clear awareness of all aspects of our experience and of generating great vows to help all beings will be discussed. No one knows when our journey on this earth will end and it is never too early to start preparing so that we can face death with dignity, peace, wisdom, and love when the time comes.

Rebecca Li, PhD, a Dharma heir in the lineage of Chan Master Sheng Yen, started practicing meditation in 1995. She attended her first intensive retreat with Chan Master Sheng Yen in 1996 and began serving as his interpreter in 1998. She started her teacher’s training with Master Sheng Yen in 1999 and started teaching as Dharma and meditation instructor in 2002. Later on, she trained with John Crook and then Simon Child, both Dharma heirs of Master Sheng Yen, to lead intensive retreats and received full Dharma transmission from Simon Child in 2016.  Currently, she teaches meditation and Dharma classes, gives public lectures and leads retreats at Dharma Drum centers, university meditation groups and Dharma practice groups mostly in northeastern United States.  Some of her talks and writings can be found at www.rebeccali.org.  Rebecca is also a sociology professor in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at The College of New Jersey.

For more information on the Death and Dharma 2017 Summer Meditation Series see the main event page here.