Online dharma talk by Laura O’Loughlin and Sally Chang, June 5

Event Details

Please join us Saturday, June 5, at 11 am EST, for an online dharma talk by BZC dharma teacher Laura O’Loughlin and visiting teacher Sally Chang.

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About Laura O’Loughlin

Laura O’Loughlin is a dharma teacher and senior lay practitioner at Brooklyn Zen Center, as well as its co-founder. Before she began training with Teah Strozer, Laura was a student of Darlene Cohen’s. She is currently a psychotherapist, affiliated with the Buddhist Psychotherapy Collective, with her own practice in Manhattan. As a clinician, Laura uses mindfulness and body-oriented practices to support healing and transformation. Before co-founding Brooklyn Zen Center, Laura had trained and lived in various Buddhist communities since 1997, including Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery and San Francisco Zen Center. Laura was also Director of Austin Zen Center, where among other things she studied the interface between eastern and western psychologies. Laura received lay dharma entrustment from Teah Strozer in 2017.


About Sally Chang

Martial artist, teacher, acupuncturist, and founder of Evergreen Taiji Academy and the Warriors for Peace Podcast. Teaching online and in-person, she brings together 30 years of martial arts experience, Daoist cultivation, and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), distilling them into practices of individual and collective healing. Sally Chang delivers depth and wisdom into felt, embodied practice, and is known for her warm and focused presence.