Online: Undoing Patriarchy One-Day Sit, Oct 24

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The Undoing Patriarchy  program will offer an online one-day sit on Sunday, October 24, from 9 am to 4 pm, under the theme Cultivating the Receptive Body and Mind. The retreat will follow a gentle schedule including periods or zazen (meditation), a dharma talk and space to share. All male identified people interested in undoing the construct of patriarchy are welcome.

Please note our new fee structure. We invite you to register at the highest level possible to help support and sustain our programs. Please note that registration for this offering closes October 21.

Partial scholarships are available for retreats such as this one. To apply for a scholarship, please use this link and wait for approval before registration. Scholarship applications are due by October 17.

Please note our cancellation policy: To request a refund for this program you must notify BZC in writing at least 2 days before the beginning of the program. Refunds will be issued in the total paid less a $15 processing fee. This policy supports the organizing effort involved in managing registrations and cancellations and the largely volunteer-based structure of the Brooklyn Zen Center.

The Zoom link to participate in this offering will be provided 24 hours prior to the sit date.

About the BZC Undoing Patriarchy program

Undoing Patriarchy is a monthly group of Zen practitioners, conditioned as or identifying as men, exploring patriarchy’s effects on us and our communities, connecting to the sacred masculine and feminine, and repairing the damage patriarchy has done to everyone along the gender spectrum.

This group exists because male conditioning places us in a particular relation to gender-based domination, and serves as a place of honesty and intimacy in exploring that dynamic. This work is rooted in lineages of feminism and Soto Zen, drawing from the practices and teachings of both. We use meditation, dialogue, personal storytelling, and ritual to explore our relationship to violence, domination, emotions, love, and sexuality.

The work of Undoing Patriarchy is not separate from the bodhisattva vows to act ethically, to meet each person and moment fully, and to live for the benefit of all beings.

See the program page for more information.