Joining the 2019 Fall Practice Period: Commitment Form

Dearest sangha,

Each fall we look forward to the gathering together in a practice period as our sangha focuses on deepening intimacy with our practice and each other. The focus of our 7th practice period will be “Bodhisattva Service: Actualizing Self and Sangha.” We are excited to invite a Shuso (head student) to take a seat next to the teachers and encourage us in our practice.

Through our formal practice together we will continue to realize the truth of our interconnection as we endeavor to deeply and skillfully love and care for ourselves, our shared lives, all beings and our Mother Earth. In Soto Zen, we enact this Bodhisattva vow through zazen, study and being of service to each other and to the wider world.

The practice period form outlines the many offerings that will support our practice period. The beauty of our collective practice is that sangha both creates and receives these offerings. In fact, the practice period can only be created, nourished and sustained by each person’s participation. By filling out the practice period form we clarify how all of us will be supporting each other and our own practice. We encourage you to be part of this precious time when we together devote our efforts to cultivating the Bodhisattva way of life.

Please fill out and submit the 2019 fall Practice Period form by September 11th.

With love and appreciation,
Laura and Kosen