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The Practice of Giving

The custom of dana, or generosity, is fundamental to Buddhist practice. Dana is considered to be the first of the six perfections of bodhisattva practice that help deepen our liberation from the clinging that causes suffering. The practice is an expression of our interconnectedness. This selfless and spontaneous giving is the essential activity of truly relating to life, allowing us to open our hearts and foster empathy and kindness.

The practice of dana is necessary for the continuation of our practice community and for the support of our guiding and visiting teachers. Our teachers have always been generous with their time and teaching and so we encourage everyone to meet that generosity with their own.

All gifts are deeply appreciated. May our activity of giving ultimately rest in love for ourselves and for others.

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About Membership

Brooklyn Zen Center’s mission is to cultivate an open community based on the Buddha’s teachings of love and interconnectedness. We strive to honor and serve our community, providing a place of support and wisdom for all.

People often think that we take care of what we love. Actually, the opposite is true. Our hearts grow and our love swells around what we devote ourselves to. As members, we come together to take care of the practice and community that takes care of us. Membership is the manifestation of our interconnected life.

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