Ian’s Priest Ordination

Ian’s ordination has been completed. Please observe the pictures below. Thank you deeply to everyone who supported!

ianord1 ianord2 ianord3 ianord4

Dear community,

The Soto Zen ceremony for community members that take a formal vows as a renunciate is truly a precious event. On this occasion, our support of one another as a collective and continuous stream with our ancestors and descendants is felt deeply. Early in my time practicing at BZC, I participated in a sesshin (retreat) where this ceremony was offered. I was truly humbled by the felt sense of the lineage of passing on dharma teachings from warm hand to warm hand. The dharma is deep and lovely.

On Sunday, October 23rd, Ian Case will be taking vows as a renunciate in a priest ordination ceremony at BZC. Please enjoy this beautiful message from Ian and consider his invitation to support through this life transition. Friends and sangha members are invited attend the ceremony which will follow the end of a 3-day retreat at BZC. Please arrive by 1:20pm in order to be settled before the ceremony starts.


Danielle Saint Louis, BZC Executive Director and Co-Founder of Love Circle Sangha