Music Improv Night, June 13th

Music Improv Night, June 13th, 7-9pm at Brooklyn Zen Center
Cost: Free, with donation suggested.

Back by popular demand we are creating an evening of music playing for all! You do not need to know how to play an instrument. We encourage people to explore sound and creative exploration,  mindfulness in the present moment, and the self in spontaneous action. We will start with a short meditation. This will be followed by simple warm up to get in touch with our body and voice. We will practice making sounds together as a group and as small ensembles, using percussion instruments, xylophones, and stringed instruments. The key to this evening is experimenting with creating sounds, listening to others play sounds, and responding to what they do. There is no good nor bad sound — just sounds that will be created together as a group.
We look forward to a truly honest and special evening.

Let us create together.

Keith Freer and John Asrelsky

Keith Freer: studied music performance at  Boston university school of music.  He is a business owner and keeps his heart in music and love for the arts.

John Asrelsky is dedicated guitarist and songwriter who has fronted local rock bands.  He is a also a dedicated member of the Brooklyn Zen Center.