New Audio Dharma Talk: Greg Snyder

You can now listen to a dharma talk by BZC’s dharma teacher and senior priest Greg Snyder: Sitting with Burning Difference (11/04/2017)




In this talk, Greg explored how we can de diligent about our practice of love for all the world without falling into the trap of believing we are owed some version of that world:

“Views that intentionally cause harm should be radically disempowered in society as quickly as possible. But we can’t be confused and do the same thing.  So, to not do that means that we have to sit with that burning feeling when someone is saying something that we feel is deeply morally wrong… and to feel that burn completely without acting from that.”

Greg will be leading a one-day sit on Saturday, February 17, Sitting Zazen Together, inviting us to take the backwards step of witnessing our minds, so that we are free to respond lovingly and skillfully to the suffering of the world. The registration for this offering closes February 14.

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