New BZC Ethics Statement and Process

The new Brooklyn Zen Center (BZC) Ethics Statement was presented to our community recently.

These new forms, just approved by the BZC Board, resulted from months of work, discussion, and discernment, with the goal of offering a possible path through which to hold conflict and harm in a loving, transformative way. This process, led by the Ethics Working Group, included the generous input and support of previous and current board members, sangha members, teachers, and other sanghas. We are deeply grateful for all involved in these efforts.

We are equally thankful for those who will continue to support the BZC sangha for months to come in the unfolding of these new forms, namely as members of the Sangha Council (a new organizational body) and as Sangha Harmony Allies (to be named).

It is a great joy to practice the Buddha’s way in community with others. In the course of our practice together, conflict and disagreement will inevitably arise. The health of our sangha is not measured by the presence or absence of conflict, but rather by our collective willingness to find effective, responsible, and compassionate resolution when it arises. Each situation provides us an opportunity to manifest awakening and the practice of the Buddha way. – BZC Ethics Statement

Learn more about the BZC Ethics Statement and Process here.