New BZC Survey: Communicating with Sangha

 “This is calligraphed in formal script on a white sheet of paper. Cursive or decorative script is not used. This list is fastened to a paperboard with a flax string, about the thickness of two grains of rice, and hangs like a screen. It is removed at the end of the break from zazen on the fifth day of the fourth month.”
—Eihei Dogen, “Practice Period”

Dear Sangha,

I am thinking of Dogen Zenji as I ask for your participation in our new BZC Communications Survey. The survey will take about five minutes and will support myself, Dulce, and the entire temple in meeting you.

In this passage, Dogen meticulously describes how the participant list for the 90-day practice period should be displayed—details of communication he thought important enough to include in his masterwork, the Shōbōgenzō (Treasury of the True Dharma Eye).

Eight-hundred years later, as we negotiate the minutiae of email formatting and frequency, how and when to use social media, and the layout of our website, I bring to heart Dogen’s loving precision. The fruits of practice are not separate from its rituals and mundane details.

We are in a critical moment of learning how to hold two temples and to strengthen our sangha, while transitioning to a mix format of in-person and online practice. We want to understand how best to communicate our offerings and news: what is working for you, and what isn’t?

Please fill out the BZC Communications Survey by May 8.

Thank you for participating!

BZC Administrative Director