New Sesshin Audio Dharma by Teah Strozer

You can now listen to a dharma talk by BZC’s root teacher Teah Strozer, offered during the rohatsu sesshin (formal retreat) in December, 2017: Rohatsu Sesshin Day 3 (12/06/2017).

The seven-day rohatsu sesshin took place at the Brooklyn Zen Center in December and was co-lead by teachers Teah Strozer, Greg Snyder, Pam Weiss and Laura O’Loughlin. More talks offered during the retreat will soon be available.

As Teah shared during this talk:

“Everybody has their ancient twisted karma. Everyone is carrying that package of karma on their back. And it is possible to put it down. We can get that twisted ancient conditioning down. And doing a retreat is one of the best ways to do that because we take the time to stop and look at what it is that is causing the suffering. There is no person there. There are just believed ideas, believed systems of thought and emotion that we identify with. But there is no structure there, so that when you can see them clearly enough they dissolve. But some of these really core identities take years, decades, to clear. So it’s a good thing to get started.”

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