One way to help

The most important donation you can make is your stable, open-hearted presence for you, your community and all beings with whom you are in contact.

Are you able to embody a bit of peace and love and bring it to your daily activity? Are you practicing at home? Can you spend some time every day in silence or stillness? Are you able to mindfully bring 100 percent attention to each activity in detail? How about paying attention to your feet on the floor or to your posture as you walk from your bed to the toilet?

Make up things to help you remember to bring your attention to your heart area and with kindness and openness to your daily life and the lives of the people around you.

This is the Bodhisattva Path — we get as grounded, open and present as we can and walk with all beings in this mixed up world now dealing with an illness for which it will take all of us together to put to rest.

Please stay safe —
Teah Strozer, Brooklyn Zen Center’s root teacher