Online dharma offerings from Ancestral Heart Zen Monastery

The teachers and monastics at Ancestral Heart Zen Monastery are now offering several livestream programs via Zoom:
• A daily well-being service, except Mondays. If you would like to add a name to the list of names to be chanted in the well-being service, please email by 10 am that day. The well-being service takes place at 12:20 pm.
• BZC’s root teacher, Teah Strozer, will be offering a dharma talk on Saturday, March 21, at 11 am.

Recordings of the morning and evening services at the monastery are now available at the BZC You Tube Channel and can be accessed any time:
Morning Service
Evening Service

We are working to bring more BZC’s programs online via livestreaming, as well as video recordings via our You Tube channel. Please stay tuned for updates.

In the meantime, the BZC Audio Dharma Podcast continues to be available to all, with dozens of talks by our dharma teachers, senior practitioners and visiting teachers. New talks, previously recorded, continue to be made available every week.

BZC is also offering two daily meditations periods — one period in the morning and one period in the evening — seven days a week, livestreamed via Zoom. More information is available here.

If you have any questions or difficulties, please contact us at