our 108 x 108 campaign

malasThe mission of Brooklyn Zen Center is to cultivate an open community based on Buddha’s teachings of love and interconnectedness.

Our vision is to make BZC a spirited urban refuge, offering the Zen Buddhist tradition in a modern, relevant and approachable way that fosters inclusion and transformation. BZC strives to honor and serve its community, providing a place of support and wisdom for all.

Our 108 x 108 campaign was conceived as a way to help sustain our mission and bring our vision to life. Our five-year goal is to have 108 members contributing at the Sustaining Circle Membership level– at least  $108 dollars per month. This amount would substantially boost our long-term sustainability and viability. Those members who generously contribute at this level are expressing their strong commitment to BZC’s mission and vision in the community and thus become its stewards going forward.

Please consider becoming a Sustaining Circle member today.