undoing patriarchy

Undoing Patriarchy (UP) is not holding meetings at this time. Please stay tuned for further details. For more information about UP, please contact sacredmanfam [at] gmail [dot] com.

Undoing Patriarchy is a monthly group of Zen practitioners, conditioned as or identifying as men, exploring patriarchy’s effects on us and our communities, connecting to the sacred masculine and feminine, and repairing the damage patriarchy has done to everyone along the gender spectrum.

This group exists because male conditioning places us in a particular relation to gender-based domination, and serves as a place of honesty and intimacy in exploring that dynamic. This work is rooted in lineages of feminism and Soto Zen, drawing from the practices and teachings of both. We use meditation, dialogue, personal storytelling, and ritual to explore our relationship to violence, domination, emotions, love, and sexuality.

The work of Undoing Patriarchy is not separate from the bodhisattva vows to act ethically, to meet each person and moment fully, and to live for the benefit of all beings.

Dana: The custom of Dana, or generosity, is fundamental to Buddhist practice. All Dana goes to support BZC and is essential for the continuation of the community and practice.

Image: Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara Guanyin, Liao Dynasty 10th/11th century CE, wood with gesso by mharrsch