Qigong Fundraiser for BZC!

A message from Laura:

Dear Sangha,

Sally Chang is offering a Qigong fundraiser workshop this weekend in Brooklyn. She is open for folks who register for the event to come for less than the full two days as a way of supporting more sangha to participate in this fundraiser for Brooklyn Zen Center. She is also excited to meet and practice with our sangha.

Through Sally’s teaching, my very beginner’s qigong practice has allowed me to experience a fluidity, harmony and strength while moving my body through space that resonates deeply with the qualities of body, mind and heart cultivated while sitting on the cushion.

If you can’t attend the weekend, please consider participating in our online conversation this Friday evening which is also part of our fundraising event. You can register for these offerings here.

If cost is a barrier to participation, please reach out to Ryan at director@brooklynzen.org with the rate that works for you and we will try to accommodate. We also encourage those of you who cannot attend to give anyway—you can simply use the registration form and enter an amount in “Donate to BZC’s scholarship fund” without registering.

With deep bows,