Regular Schedule Resumed; Fall Practice Period starts Sept 28th (DATE CHANGED)

Our full regular meditation schedule resumed on Tuesday, September 6 with morning zazen starting at 7am.

Our fall practice period will officially open on Wednesday, September 28 (Note: DATE CHANGED). Please click here to submit a practice period intention form.

Please read these messages from our Tanto (head of practice) and our Guiding Teacher.

Dear Sangha,

I am looking forward to us all returning to practice together after our summer interim schedule. As Teah mentioned, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve as Tanto for the Brooklyn Zen Center community.  I feel we have such a strong and sincere practice at BZC and I will work closely with the leadership of BZC to help us sustain and strengthen our practice offerings. Please know I am here to support the intention and effort of each of you who come to our center, whether you are walking in the door for the first time or have been practicing at BZC for many years.

Each fall, BZC creates a container called a “practice period”.  Practice periods are a time where we can be supported in deepening our connection to the “three jewels”- Buddha, Dharma and Sangha- by committing to attending some or all of the various offerings available during this time. This practice period we will also have a head student who will be there to encourage us as well as a priest ordination.

I strongly encourage each of you who would like to participate in the practice period to fill out the following form that outlines the practice period events (see below). It can be so encouraging and helpful to be able to clarify and state your intention to another! Please email or hand me your practice period form before September 14th.  I have attached it in both pages as well as a word document (which would allow you to submit online).
I will also make sure there are printed copies at BZC.  Feel free to email me with any questions you have about this.

With appreciation,



Dear Community Members,

As you know each fall we remind ourselves of our commitment to practice in community.

Brooklyn Zen Center provides various opportunities to support the deepening of your practice. These include renewing vows (if you have taken them); taking a class; recommitting to attending community zazen periods; coming to Saturday and Wednesday programs; meeting with a practice leader regularly and generally reminding ourselves of our deepest yearning to wake up together with all people everywhere.  I encourage you to do the Fall Practice Period including the December Rohatsu retreat.

In particular, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that Greg Snyder will be stepping up as a newly transmitted teacher and stepping down as our outgoing Tanto. This is a very happy development as i’m sure you all know.

Laura will be stepping up as Tanto. This too is a joyous occasion as I have asked her to step further forward in her position as a lay teacher for our community. She will have many wonderful teaching responsibilities including overseeing those in formal practice roles and providing training, encouragement and help with practice to all students.  If you would like to know more please ask Laura. I hope you will take advantage of meeting with her in practice discussion and letting her offer you various training suggestions and opportunities.

I am looking forward to being with you all again.

May this Fall Practice Period continue to build intimacy in the community, joy in training and clarity in our daily lives within this troubled time in our country.

With respect and appreciation,
Guiding Teacher
Brooklyn Zen Center