Sangha Harmony Allies

The Sangha Harmony Allies are two or three sangha members striving for impartiality, fairness, and true communication. Their role is not necessarily to resolve conflicts, but to listen and guide someone through their process, empower that person with agency, and to moderate peer conversations. The Board’s Ethics Committee, in turn, will support the Allies by holding space for them and training them to meet situations skillfully.

Sangha Harmony Allies will maintain confidentiality except a) to seek advice from other Sangha Harmony Allies or the Ethics Committee b) to report legal or urgent ethical breaches.

Sangha Harmony Allies are:

  • Long-term Zen students dedicated to BZC
  • Lay ordained, ordained, or have engaged in deep study of the precepts
  • Committed to Undoing work
  • Not in positions that would place in conflict of interest

The Practice Council selects the Sangha Harmony Allies in consultation with the Sangha Council. Like Ryo heads, Allies will serve as long as they are able or until the PC decides a change is needed.

The first two Sangha Harmony Allies are Renhō Gerardo Dexter Ciprian and Inzan Monica Rose Smith. You can reach them here (Inzan Monica Rose Smith) and here (Renhō Gerardo Dexter Ciprian). More information about them is available here.