a message from teah about rohatsu sesshin

Rohatsu Sesshin is now available for registration!

This is our main community sitting event, and if you are engaged with the Brooklyn Zen Center community, please feel strongly encouraged to participate. Here is a message from Teah, our head teacher.

Dear community,

I would like to offer a gentle reminder to sign up for sesshin.

On a personal note, it is easy for my heart to open when I sit with people who are true to their practice, who want to find peace and love and want a deeper understanding of life.

I believe, i know, that we are each under all the mental noise and old karmic conditioning, open, loving, wise and gentle people each expressing the truth in our own wonderfully idiosyncratic way.

Something special happens when we sit day after day with ourselves and with each other.
We begin to see through the judgements (inner and outer), through the stories, through the
emotions of doubt and pride past happy and sad, right and wrong. The mind when allowed,
quiets and returns to its natural spaciousness.

Retreat is deeply nurturing and healing. Retreat takes patience and courage. Retreat takes a willingness to be what we are, first superficially and then deeper and deeper. To know that depth is to live life from a different place. To be that place is to be a benefit to all beings.

If you are interested please make this a priority.
Give this to yourself and ultimately to everyone in your life.

thank you for listening and for considering joining us
heart to heart


Registration closes this Friday, so please sign up! The retreat runs from 7 to 13 December, but you can also sit 9-13 December if you prefer. Click here to read more.