Sōshinji 宗心寺Ancestral Heart Zen Monastery

On June 10, 2019, we became stewards of fourteen acres of land in Millerton, NY, where we are together working to bring Sōshinji 宗心寺, Ancestral Heart Zen Monastery, into being.

The land is a watershed to the Webatuck Creek that rises up into the Taconic ridges of the Appalachian range. These are among the most ancient mountain expressions of Mother Earth, believed to be nearly 500 million years old. As our many Zen ancestors did before us, we will learn from them. In doing so, may we also remember and honor those indigenous ancestors who cared for this land for thousands of years before us.

There is currently one house on the land, where a small and growing group of residents is living by a monastic schedule and engaged in relentless training to care for the monastery, each other, and the land. In the long-term, we plan to build additional structures to accommodate monks’ quarters and a Zendo (meditation hall).

We are exceedingly fortunate to practice together with the land, our ancestors, and all living beings in the beautiful Oblong valley, where silence and activity exist in marvelous balance. We rely on all of them to hold us as we undo internalized systems of domination and unveil our sacred inheritances. We welcome, want, and affirm all who come here in search of freedom from habits that cause suffering, and who will work toward cultivating compassion for all, across and with our many differences.

If you are interested in applying for either a weekend or long-term visit, please read the Guidelines of Conduct, then see the Apply to Visit page.

Current Leadership:
Kosen Gregory Snyder – Head Teacher
Laura O’Loughlin – Director, Head Teacher
Kikuko Morimoto – Head of the Kitchen (Tenzo)
Kaishin Victory Matsui – Attendant to Kosen Gregory Snyder (Jisha)
Ryan Lee Wong – Guest Manager (Shika)
Julia DeWitt – Work Leader (Shissui)