Sweetcake Enso


On Saturday, November 20th, 2010, the No Eyes Viewing Wall at Brooklyn

Zen Center will be hosting a new show, Sweetcake Enso. The

show, which originated at the Empty Hand Zen Center in New

Rochelle in October, is actually a series of exhibitions that will be

traveling to various Zen centers across the country over the next

several months. Brooklyn will be the next stop on this tour. The

opening celebration will take place on the evening of the 20th, from

6:00 – 8:00pm (after the one-day sit). Tea and cookies will be served.

According to Catherine Seigen Spaeth, the show’s organizer,

Sweetcake Enso represents “an entirely new conception of art

making and exhibition as practice,” in which local sangha and

international artists respond to the traditional form of the Enso,

the iconic Zen “circle” (seen above in a sumi ink drawing by Max

Gimblett). Catherine will be co-curating the Brooklyn event with Noah





For more information about the exhibitions, please visit the

Sweetcake Enso website. Those in our tradition may also be

particularly interested in this essay by Catherine about the teacher/

student relationship between San Francisco Zen Center teacher

Michael Wenger and the artist Max Gimblett, or this essay by Rafe

Martin on Dogen’s fascicle “Gabyo,” or “Painting of a Rice Cake.”