New BZC program: The Bodhisattva Path of Liberation

Dear Sangha,

It is with wholehearted sincerity that Brooklyn Zen Center announces the launch of a new program offering this fall. The Bodhisattva Path of Liberation: Racial Suffering and Collective Transformation is a ten-month immersive group experience oriented towards transforming racial harm and suffering through the Bodhisattva path.

Participants meet monthly in an online format, balancing intimate small group exploration of racial conditioning and trauma-based somatic practices within a Dharma framework of liberation.

This program is limited to practitioners who identify or are identified as white. Mixed race participants with European ancestry who wish to explore their relationship to whiteness and white supremacy are also invited to participate, with the understanding that this will be a predominately white space.

Please visit the program page for a full description, schedule, and application link. The application deadline is October 1 and the program begins on October 17. Please contact us with any questions at

With warm hearts,
Laura O’Loughlin
Kristin Miscall
Terence Caulkins
Sansei Simmons Antell