The Fall 2015 Practice Period

Dear Sangha,

After our summer break, I am very much looking forward to returning to practice with all of you soon. Once again, we’ll be taking part in our fall practice period together. The practice period will officially open on Wednesday, September 16th. Two days later we are excited to be sitting a 3-day retreat with Zenju Earthlyn Manuel. We’ll also be having a 3-day workshop in November with Kaz Tanahashi and, of course, we’ll be closing the practice period with Rohatsu Sesshin. This year for the first time, we’ll be offering the opportunity to sit 7 days. Several have asked for a longer option and I hope some of you will join us for the full retreat.

The theme of our practice period will be Zen and Awakening the Heart. Our guiding teacher, Teah Strozer, will be offering dharma talks on this theme as well as a class, entitled Awakening the Heart of the Bodhisattva.

Zen practice period is a time to increase your personal commitment to sangha, zazen and practice. I am grateful that Brooklyn Zen Center allows us to take this time together. Each person’s commitment strengthens the overall practice of our community and our collective practice supports each of us. This means your commitment truly matters.

Whether you have taken part in many BZC practice periods or this is your first, I encourage each of you to consider challenging and deepening your practice within community. Review the practice period events and commitments we’ve listed on the attached form. Commit to the schedule and retreats that fit with your life and strengthen your practice. Please submit your commitment form by Monday, September 14th to the jisha (teacher’s assistant), either in person or via Feel free to email the jisha if you have any questions.

Please enjoy these last days of summer. May they be spacious and nourishing and may we have a joyful practice in the dharma together this fall. I look forward to being with each of you soon.

With a bow,

Click here for the full practice period schedule.

Please note that the practice period commitment form cannot be edited in your browser window. Please download the PDF and then edit it offline on your computer, and then email it or print it out and leave it for the jisha at BZC.