Video: Installation of Abiding Abbot Tenzen David Zimmerman

On March 3, a joyous ceremony took place at San Francisco Zen Center: the grand stepping up of the new Abbot Tenzen David Zimmerman.The complete video of the ceremony can be found here.

The installation of City Center Abiding Abbot Tenzen David Zimmerman was part of a weekend of ceremonies that included the stepping down of Ejun Linda Ruth Cutts as Central Abbess and the stepping over of Rinso Ed Sattizahn into Central Abbot.

Tenzen David Zimmerman has served as the BZC Tanto (Head of Practice) and received dharma transmission from BZC root teacher Soshin Teah Strozer.

For more information on David and to learn about other abbatial changes, see the letter from Central Abbess Eijun Linda Ruth Cutts here.