Yoga on Wednesdays

Yoko Ohashi is offering a yoga class on Wednesday mornings, after zazen periods, from 9:45-11am.

Payment is donation based.

Iyengar yoga focuses on alignments of the body with detailed anatomical instructions. The class is for beginners. Standing poses, shoulder stand, and other fundamental postures are taught. Since the postures are taught progressively with the use of props, it is safe. Anybody at any age can benefit from this practice.
We all have habits in our body/mind. With yoga practice, you immediately become aware of these habitual patterns in your posture. It is very much like sitting meditation. It realigns your body, making the energy flow better, bringing you back a sense of well being.

Yoko has been practicing Iyengar yoga over a decade. Formerly, Yoko was a practicing visual artist with sculpture and performance background. Exploration with visual forms eventually led her to directly use her body as a medium. She completed her 2 year teacher training at the New York Iyengar Institute in 2009, and since then she has been enjoying practicing this art with others.