Zen Monster 3 Launch



Kindly join us for the Zen Monster 3 Release: November 4, 2011 6-9

pm @ Brooklyn Zen Center 

Readings by:

Barbara Henning, Lewis Warsh, Edgar Oliver, Kimberly Lyons, 

Steve Dalachinsky, Yuko Otomo, Robyn Ellenbogen, 

Fred Dewey, Brian Unger, Anselm Berrigan, 

Ammiel Alcalay, Noah Fischer

Music by Adam Bernstein 

Amerigo Mackeral & the Octave Doktors

The launch event at the Brooklyn Zen Center, 505 Carroll Street, on

Friday night, November 4 for Zen Monster Magazine marks our 3rd

issue—an unusually strong and clear statement of Buddhist, non-
Buddhist, and trans-Buddhist art, poetry, and subversive political

statement, our strongest endorsement yet of Gary Snyder’s landmark

essay “Buddhism and the Coming Revolution,” which we printed in

ZM#1 back in 2008. Our Zen Buddhist praxis here in Brooklyn and

New Jersey is edgy, overtly political, and aesthetically liberated from

any particular form or artistic ideology. We back the Occupy Wall

Street movement 100%; our art editor Noah Fischer has been in

Zuccotti Park since day one, even demonstrating as an artist there

on Wall Street before day one with a small group dressed up as

currency, as money, and he is there today and every day. 

We are a tri-coastal community of poets, writers, artists, thinkers,

activists, and people committed to the middle class, to working

people, to the 99%. In terms of Buddhism, roughly 50% of

our authors & artists, in any one issue, are overtly Buddhist

practitioners—the rest are our secular friends, cohorts, intellectuals,

artists, fellow travelers, etc., who do not object to our existential

religious ideal. And that is what Zen Monster is: a space for writers

and artists, edited by Buddhists, but with clarity acknowledging

intellectual, artistic, and political freedom from any ecclesiastical

framework or supervision whatsoever. Given history, we know this is



Thank you, and please join us on November 4, from 6 to 9 pm.

Refreshments will be served. And we will “just honor everything,” as

Philip Whalen once advised. 

Zen Monster #3 includes:

Iulia Anghelescu

Diane DiPrima

Tyler Doherty

Brian Unger 

Erica Essner

Fred Dewey

Hank Lazer

George Albon

Liz Waldner 

Giovanni Singleton

Naja Marie Aidt

Elizabeth Sylva

Junior Clemons 

Elena Rivera

Norman Fischer 

Laynie Browne

Meredith Stricker

Catherine Spaeth

Max Gimblett 

Michael Wenger 

Arlene Shechet 

Claudia Vieira 

William Anastasi 

Karen Schiff 

Ross Bleckner 

Maggie Wells 

Dove Bradshaw 

Carrie Fuchs 

Robyn Ellenbogen 

Miya Ando 

Suzanne Lacy 

Noah Fischer 

Hirokazu Kosaka 

Sanford Biggers

Norman Fischer 

Denise Newman

Monica Heredia

Brad Warner

David Chadwick 

Jeff Burns

Steve Dalachinsky

Victoria Dearing 

Jesse Lee Herdman

Aaron Howard

Edgar Oliver

Yuko Otomo 

Ned Wilbur

Heather Utah

David Silva 

Anselm Berrigan

Donna Stonecipher

Kimberly Lyons 

Wang Ping

Jamey Jones

Michelle Murphy 

Joseph Donahue

Michael Hennessey

Joe Safdie

Jeffery Beam

Kotatsu John Bailes

Charles Thorne

Kyle Waugh