our chants

Below you can download PDF copies of many of the chants that we use in our services and ceremonies at Brooklyn Zen Center.

Eihei Koso Hotsuganmon  Eihei Dogen’s vow. We chant this during the evening service on Wednesday (members night).

Names of the Buddhas and Ancestors  The buddhas and ancestors of our lineage, moving from India, through China, and then to Japan. On Wednesday evenings, we chant these names up to Keizan (at the bottom of the first page).

Names of the Women Ancestors  We honor our women ancestors whose practice has sustained Buddhism and Zen throughout history, starting with Mahapajapati, Buddha’s aunt and stepmother, and ending with the Zen nun Chiyono.

The Heart Sutra is an ancient text, once esoteric. We chant and accept its wisdom and mystery.

The Metta Sutta or Loving Kindness Meditation comes from the words of the Buddha. Loving kindness is one of the divine abodes, along with compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimity.

The Merging of Difference and Unity (Sandokai) is a poem by our Chinese ancestor Sekito Kisen. It is about the relationship of the relative world and the ultimate world, which are ultimately the same.