saturday community lunches

Whenever possible, Saturday community lunches are offered as part of the Saturday morning program and take place at 12:20 p.m. For the moment, BZC is not offering Saturday community lunches and we are only offering meals during retreats.

Whenever community lunches are served, a $10 donation to support the continuity of this offering is suggested from the whole community (including from BZC members). A contribution above $10 directly supports accessibility to community lunch, and likewise, no one is turned away from this offering for lack of funds. We invite you to give from where you are!

If you are interested in kitchen training and in helping in the preparation of Saturday community lunches (as well as other community meals offered at BZC), you can read more about kitchen training here.

You can use our online volunteer system to sign up for kitchen training – please click here for the full schedule and to sign up