Dharma Teachers Moving to Brooklyn

June 10, 2022

Dearest Sangha,

While some of you have heard their dharma talks and gotten to know them through their visits and joining our online programs, we are happy to announce that Dojin Sarah Emerson and Korin Charlie Pokorny are moving this summer to Brooklyn and have offered to support sangha life at Boundless Mind Temple. The main motivations for their moving here were their own wisdom regarding the care of their family – they joyfully come with their daughter Kaya and son Lokha – and their long held admiration and respect for the BZC Sangha.

When we first learned this might be a possibility, we were thrilled. Throughout our conversations, Sarah and Charlie have continually expressed admiration and enthusiasm for our sangha and the work we do here. They have generously offered to be of service in whatever ways they can. We have been so deeply moved by how very kind and respectful they’ve been with us and our sangha so far.

As they are both ordained priests and dharma-transmitted teachers, they will be making themselves available for practice discussion, retreats, and Zen training once they settle in. Also, both trained many years at Tassajara and were co-head priests at the Stone Creek Zen Center. So they bring very helpful practice and administrative leadership experience with them. Excitingly, Sarah is also a trained sewing teacher and can support sewing!

Since they will be offering dharma talks and practice discussion in an ongoing way within our community, we felt it appropriate to ask them to attend Practice Council meetings. They have also offered to support organizational needs where possible and appropriate.

For them to offer themselves and so many years of training in this way without a formal paid position is a rare kind of generosity. We are grateful for their willingness to make themselves so available to Brooklyn Zen Center. We are grateful for their openheartedness and inspiring care for the three jewels. Please reach out to them and make them feel welcome.

With love and joy,
Laura and Kosen